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Freek van der H.

We strongly recommend amstermam ! We experienced their guidance as incredibly pleasant and professional. No question was too much, and each appointment left us with more self-confidence and knowledge, which was great! Also, on the day of the delivery and in the days that followed, we received excellent support.


Julia H.

I was accompanied by amstermam with both my kids. After the birth I always thought it was a shame that the consultation hours were over because it is always very pleasant! I am very satisfied with the good care and that you are really listened to. I like that you can always call if you have any concerns and that they are immediately ready for you if there is something. If I ever want a third child, I would definitely go to Amstermam again!

Anna T.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you and especially Esma. Thank you so much for being with me. Thanks to you I had a dream birth. I couldn’t dream of a better experience and still amazed at how smooth it went. I will never forget that. Thank you!

Marieke V.

Pleasant and very knowledgeable care! I experienced amstermam as very good. They meant a lot to us during the pregnancy and the birth of our first child. I heartily recommend them!


Hannah E.

What pleasantly surprised us was how the midwives at amstermam are not only up-to-date but also stay current with medical knowledge – even when it comes to 'vague' questions like cord blood banking, hypnobirthing, or developments like the NIPT test, they are ready with well-founded answers.
But above all, amstermam has a fun, open, and friendly atmosphere. Whether you are a staunch rationalist approaching childbirth skeptically or floating on a cloud of pregnancy bliss, we would truly recommend Amstermam to everyone!

Clayton S.

We can recommend amstermam to everyone. All midwives we have met are incredibly nice and have a personal approach. They were always there for us.
We also look back positively on the delivery, despite the fact that our son was born prematurely, all our worries were taken away.

Tamara A.

Amazing teams of professionals midwifes. All speaking to your heart and giving very qualified support during pregnancy. I had an amazing delivery experience without any medication.

Lina S.

The team of amstermam made my pregnancy and birth a wonderful experience! As an expat it is not always easy to understand a new health care system but I felt in perfect hands right from the beginning and always got all the answers to my many questions. The wonderful care made me feel confident and relaxed throughout the whole preganancy and I had my dream birth with them! Highly recommended!


These ladies are amazing at what they do and make you feel empowered every time you see them. They want you to call anytime you are worried about your pregnancy and encourage you to ask questions. They made me feel so comfortable and excited to have them deliver my baby. I am so happy that I choose them as my midwifes.


Diana & Jamel

Outstanding practice!
We want to express our sincere gratitude for your expertise, assistance and time!

Each one of you is incredibly kind, and you truly put parents at ease throughout the entire pregnancy.
And should we ever welcome another little miracle...
we know where to find you. ❤️

Charlotte M.

I had the best experience with the midwives from amstermam. As an expat, I found the Dutch system quite daunting at first but throughout the journey before birth I was given all necessary information and advice, in a very friendly but professional manner. The check-ups were always carried out very thoroughly and the midwife always dedicated the necessary time to answer questions.
I had an amazing birth experience, felt really safe and supported, and the after care was just as good.


Aakriti B.

Rianne and her team run a lovely midwife practice. As an expat, they were always very accommodating in explaining to me how things worked in Netherlands during child birth. I would highly recommend amstermam to everybody.

Justine L.

Amstermam has been so wonderful to our little family. We were looking forward to seeing the team every time we had an appointment. Most of the time we had a consult with Esma, very talented midwife and a magical human being. Always a pleasure to see her. Veerle was lovely as well. Rianne and Esma both took part in our birth, and we couldn’t have wished for better support. So impressed by the amount of knowledge and human skills those ladies have.
Thanks to them we had a stress free pregnancy, and avoided a cesarean. They made sure our birth plan was respected.
Looking forward to having a second baby just to hang out again !


Noelia R.

What an impressive experience with amstermamIt's a professional and experienced team. They take their time for you. I had my second pregnancy and a fantastic water birth thanks to Esma. She remained calm during the delivery and helped me through the pain. Thank you amstermam and Esma!


Hannah E.

Choosing a midwifery practice is always a bit uncertain, but opting for amstermam has proven to be a wise choice. They are down-to-earth and caring, combining knowledge and compassion to prepare us for a not-so-smooth delivery with confidence. Even when our situation became more medical, they were consistently available to address our questions and concerns. With a thorough handover, they ensured that the hospital's care aligned with our preferences, sometimes going against the protocol.

Maryono L.

Many thanks for all the great advice during the Centering Pregnancy sessions, and especially to Marike. Thank you for all your help and excellent care during the childbirth. The CP meetings have been incredibly valuable!


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