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centering pregnancy

Is there a follow-up consultation?

Do I always get Centering Pregnancy care?

Can I follow the Centering Pregnancy course during working hours?

Who supervises the Centering Pregnancy meetings?

Where do the Centering Pregnancy meetings take place?

Is there also a possibility for a 1-on-1 or private moment with the midwife?

What can I expect during the Centering Pregnancy meetings?

How long are the Centering Pregnancy meetings?

How many Centering Pregnancy meetings are there?


Why do you combine multiple techniques for a fun ultrasound?

Who makes the ultrasounds at amstermam?

How does an ultrasound work?

Is an ultrasound safe?

Do you provide 3D and 4D ultrasounds?

Which ultrasound device do you use?

Are all ultrasounds reimbursed by health insurance?

Can I take photos or film during an ultrasound?

How long does a fun ultrasound take?

How many people can I bring to an ultrasound?


Reimbursements from basic insurance

With which insurances do you have a contract?

Walk-in consultations

How do I prepare for breastfeeding?

When can I opt for the NIPT (prenatal test)?

Zorgplan / Care Plan

Which pregnancy course do you recommend?

How can my partner acknowledge the baby?

Wat gebeurt er tijdens de vervolgafspraken?

Wat gebeurt er tijdens de eerste afspraak bij de verloskundige?

delivery & maternity period

Is there a follow-up consultation?

Where can I go with my questions after the maternity week?

What is tested during the heel prick?

What is maternity care? (kraamzorg)

How do I write a birth plan?

Which location is best for me to give birth?

When should we call during labor?

In-house services at amstermam

See what others think about the amstermam care.

Nynke D.

Clear communication, fresh, sweet, sober and capable midwives and an optimistic attitude. We also really liked the space to design your own birth, and the experience with a pro home birth as well.

Sara B.

They are caring, punctual about appointment and check up, fast in taking action especially arranging with hospital, good listeners and they never force moms to take any actions that they don’t want. They have their points in suggesting manner.

Clayton S.

We can recommend Amsterdam to everyone. All midwives we have met are incredibly nice and have a personal approach. They were always there for us.
We also look back positively on the delivery, despite the fact that our son was born prematurely, all our worries were taken away.

Justine L.

Amstermam has been so wonderful to our little family. We were looking forward to seeing the team every time we had an appointment. Most of the time we had a consult with Esma, very talented midwife and a magical human being. Always a pleasure to see her. Veerle was lovely as well. Rianne and Esma both took part in our birth, and we couldn’t have wished for better support. So impressed by the amount of knowledge and human skills those ladies have.
Thanks to them we had a stress free pregnancy, and avoided a cesarean. They made sure our birth plan was respected.
Looking forward to having a second baby just to hang out again !


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