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You’ve got a positive test!

After you have registered via the website, the assistant will contact you by telephone. As a welcome gift, all our clients are offered a free early ultrasound around 8 weeks. In addition, we will schedule an intake interview and you will receive an invitation to Meeting amstermam. During this online meeting you will get to know our practice and we will share information and tips for the best start of your pregnancy.

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The intake (45-60 min) takes place around 8-9 weeks. You and your partner will be welcomed by a midwife from your team. Prior to this appointment, you will fill in a questionnaire, so that there is time to get to know each other and answer all your questions.

After the intake you know exactly what to expect in the coming months. Together with the midwife, you can draw up a suitable care plan and choose which program you want to follow: the Centering Pregnancy program or the standard pregnancy care.


All ultrasounds at amstermam

As a client of amstermam, you can come to us for all your ultrasounds. We offer all clients an early ultrasound, term ultrasound, 13-week ultrasound, 20-week ultrasound and location ultrasound. You choose what you need. All ultrasounds are performed by an experienced sonographer, simply in your trusted midwifery practice. And even if extra ultrasounds are needed during your pregnancy, we can almost always provide this.

In addition, we make all fun ultrasounds. For example, the gender ultrasound (from 14-15 weeks) or 2D/3D/4D ultrasounds.Please call us for more information or an appointment.

how we work

More support with Centering Pregnancy

You may be familiar with the saying: ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. That is why at amstermam you get much longer and extensive group meetings as standard instead of short consultations. . Under the supervision of a permanent midwife, you will come together with 12-15 (future) mothers. You follow the sessions together with women who have the same gestational age, which creates special and long-lasting friendships. At each meeting we discuss various topics related to pregnancy, giving birth, maternity and parenting. Did you know that your employer officially gives you time off for obstetric consultations? We have prepared a letter for employers. Ask our assistant.

Scientific research shows that Centering Pregnancy has advantages such as: fewer premature births, more knowledge, better preparation for childbirth, less stress, fewer referrals to the gynecologist during pregnancy and childbirth and more frequent breastfeeding.

Of course, you may feel more comfortable with standard pregnancy care. We will discuss this during the intake and we will discuss with you what the possibilities are and what your care plan will look like.

What clients think about amstermam

Why our pregnancy care is beyond the traditional care

Charlotte M.

I had the best experience with the midwives from amstermam. As an expat, I found the Dutch system quite daunting at first but throughout the journey before birth I was given all necessary information and advice, in a very friendly but professional manner. The check-ups were always carried out very thoroughly and the midwife always dedicated the necessary time to answer questions.
I had an amazing birth experience, felt really safe and supported, and the after care was just as good.

Lina S.

The team of amstermam made my pregnancy and birth a wonderful experience! As an expat it is not always easy to understand a new health care system but I felt in perfect hands right from the beginning and always got all the answers to my many questions. The wonderful care made me feel confident and relaxed throughout the whole pregnancy and I had my dream birth with them! Highly recommended!

Julia H.

I was accompanied by amstermam with both my kids. After the birth I always thought it was a shame that the consultation hours were over because it is always very pleasant! I am very satisfied with the good care and that you are really listened to. I like that you can always call if you have any concerns and that they are immediately ready for you if there is something. If I ever want a third child, I would definitely go to amstermam again!

Jennifer R.

Thanks a lot for your amazing help and care during my pregnancy and delivery. I will highly recommend your professional team to my friends and family. I want to extend my gratitude to Esmee and Eliza for the amazing support during the delivery. All their suggestions and support helped us a lot.
The team Oost was very supportive. I have contact with different midwifes and a trainee, they all provide all the information and amazing support during the pregnancy and delivery.

Anna T.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you and especially Esma. Thank you so much for being with me. Thanks to you I had a dream birth. I couldn’t dream of a better experience and still amazed at how smooth it went. I will never forget that. Thank you!


These ladies are amazing at what they do and make you feel empowered every time you see them. They want you to call anytime you are worried about your pregnancy and encourage you to ask questions. They made me feel so comfortable and excited to have them deliver my baby. I am so happy that I choose them as my midwifes.


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We are at your side with love and knowledge, from a positive test to after your delivery.

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