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At our location in West, in addition to maternity care and all types of ultrasounds, you can also contact us for other treatments or advice. Before, during & after your pregnancy.


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In-house services at amstermam

What do others think about our services.

Anna F.

I am very thankful for the treatment I received by Corinne, when I was over the due date. She approached me with an open heart, undivided attention, sincere warmth and a professional attitude. My partner was allowed to be at the session and there was no rush. Corinne explained every step of the process very clearly and only continued after mutual agreement. After the acupuncture session, Corinne even added a massage upon request, that put pressure on specific spots in the legs, ankles and feet that can naturally induce labour. The baby seemed to respond to her interventions, and the same evening I did have promising contractions. Will be back soon for a follow up, if still needed!

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Steph Y.

I’ve been working with Adrienn for the last two months during my pregnancy and she is amazing! She is not only attentive, but has tailored our sessions for my needs and as the pregnancy progresses each time. I really appreciate also that she checks-in with me between sessions to ensure everything is OK.

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Evi P.

I was able to contact Maryleen very quickly. The conversations helped me find a new balance in motherhood with my 6 week old daughter. I felt taken seriously and enjoyed being able to get to work with the questions I struggled with in a practical way.

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Jolien C.

The consultations with Wilma and Hedda brought me enormous relief. From 20 weeks of pregnancy I regularly came for 'maintenance'. I was given exercises and tips to keep moving as well as possible.

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