about acupuncture

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture therapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a form of therapy which has been practised for centuries, making it the oldest form of healthcare system in the world .  It is based on the theory that energy  (Qi) flows through and around your body along a network of channels referred to as meridians.  It is believed that a blockage in the flow of Qi and subsequently an imbalance of Yin and Yang is at the root of diseases. The practice of acupuncture is in principle concerned with removing any blockages and maintaining the free flow  Qi as well as re-establishing the dynamic balance between Yin and Yang.  Acupuncture is a holistic, natural and effective method of treating diseases.

What happens during a consultation?

During the initial intake, you will be asked a series of questions to establish the root of the illness. The signs and symptoms of the illness as well as a full medical history are carefully taken into consideration. A tongue and pulse diagnosis is performed and a treatment plan is discussed with you.  The whole treatment takes between one to one and half hours.  A follow up appointment takes between 40 to 60 minutes.

Grief support

In grief support the emphasis is on working together to process the different aspects of grief and the challenges you are experiencing. Grief support is not only following the death of a loved one but can be of great help following a divorce, a break-up or major set back in your life.

The sessions focus on your personal needs, emotional as well as your spiritual needs as you navigate the physical, social and cognitive facets which often surface following a significant loss. Exploring gentle self-care practices to help you make the changes you need and live and love with zest is one of the main strategies we will explore during the sessions.


Fertility Support with Chinese Medicine

The fertility support is divided into two phases; the preparation phase and the conceiving phase.  This has proven to be the most effective way of working with my clients.

The preparation phase is a three month phase when you are not actively trying to get pregnant and the focus is entirely on preparing the body for conceiving. In this phase we start with a thorough assessment, get a good picture of your menstrual cycle from both a western medicine as well as a traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, understanding any underlying health conditions which may be affecting your chances of conceiving, charting your body temperature, adopting a Fertile Living Mindset, and learning simple home treatments to optimise fertility. Why three months? It takes between 90 to 120 days for an egg to grow from a dormant follicle to a mature egg ready to be released ( the ovulation). The three months is therefore a golden chance to maximise the quality of the egg, balance the body’s energy (hormones), encourage better flow of blood to the reproductive organs.

The conceiving stage is the period where you are actively trying to get pregnant. This phase looks at supporting your body while you are trying and working with the delicate balance of yin and yang.

This is both a commitment and an investment in your fertile journey. Together, we dedicate some time away from the chaos of life to fully concentrate on your fertility.

If you have been trying to conceive for longer than a year and have had a miscarriage or multiple miscarriages, the three month preparation phase is highly recommended.

Acupuncture is often combined with the sessions. If you live in and around Amsterdam, the acupuncture sessions are held at my practice space. If you live outside Amsterdam, you can still access my program online via video consultation.


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